Unique Anniversary Gifts for Her

If you’re looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your wife or girlfriend, you want to get her something that is meaningful and significant—something that she’ll always remember. Although finding the right gift can be difficult, let your love guide you to discovering the perfect gift. 
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Consider her unique personality, her interests and passions, and her favorite hobbies. For more gift giving inspiration, check out more unique anniversary gift ideas below!

Something Significant

Many couples are very sentimental, so if your loved one constantly reminds you of your first date or first kiss, you may want to take that into consideration. When choosing a sentimental gift, wall art and jewelry are great options.

You can have the dates of all your firsts engraved onto a piece of decorative wood or commission a necklace with your children’s names engraved around the rim. You can even paint the coordinates of your first home together onto a plaque. There are endless possibilities of important moments to choose from.

For Two

Gifts for two are also an endearing choice for an anniversary. With robes, mugs, pillows, and towels all embellished with your initials or decorated with your favorite colors, you’ll both receive a sweet gift that will reflect your love.

Consider her personality to help you decide which couples item is most appropriate. If she loves jewelry, perhaps matching rings will warm her heart! On the other hand, matching mugs may be best if your morning ritual includes sipping coffee together.

Gift Basket

You may want to give your loved one all of her favorite things with a gift basket. Regarded as one of the best anniversary gifts for her, a gourmet gift basket can include flavored treats, wine, and other delights. Making your own basket can allow you to get creative with colorful tissue paper and decorations. Use her favorite colors, or even the color scheme used for your wedding, to ensure that you communicate all of your deepest affections for her.

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Handmade items are always appreciated, especially when the craftsmanship reflects your love. However, you don’t have to face making presents on your own—many craft stores or home improvement suppliers offer DIY workshops to instruct you on how to build household furniture, create a necklace, or cook exquisite meals. Discover the art of handcrafting a present that is guaranteed to touch her heart.

Go On an Adventure

If your lady loves adventures, plan a secret trip to her favorite getaway spots. Whether you go camping, ziplining, or skydiving, a day of excitement will bring you two closer together.

On the other hand, if she prefers more subdued activities, you can also organize a day at the spa or have a picnic by a relaxing lake. Regardless of the adventure, by emphasizing quality time together, you can ensure that your loved one will thoroughly enjoy spending time with you and creating fond memories to look back on for a lifetime.

Always About Her

While you’re considering your choices, it’s important to remember that you’re celebrating your anniversary with your loved one. Carefully review what you think she’ll actually like, instead of something you assume she will like. Prioritizing her ideals and intentionally recognizing her personality will help you to choose a gift that she will greatly appreciate.

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