5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

Life can become monotonous if you are following a set pattern everyday. Sometimes taking a day or two off and traveling out of city can help you unwind and recharge your batteries for a few months. However, it may not seem possible if you have a family or you are not just comfortable traveling alone. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to travel alone- at least once.

 Travel alone - for the first timer
Here are a few reasons why you should travel alone:

1.     You Can Be Spontaneous! 

enjoy- for the first timer

    Feel like packing a bag and hitting the road? If you decide to travel alone you will not have to coordinate with a friend or your partner! You can prepare a small travel bag and go anywhere you like for the weekend. Even if you are planning a big trip, you will not have to worry about whether your travelling companion will be free on exactly the same dates as you are.

2.     Cross it off your bucket list
create your travel list

     Everyone has a bucket list. There must be some adventure, such as jumpingout of a plane over Palm in Dubai, kayaking in the river in Amazon, watching the northern lights in Iceland or sleeping beneath the stars in Sahara desert, that you want to go on. However, you really never could because the people around you did not share your interests. Do not let them hold you back. Go on a wild adventure alone and cross it off your bucket list. For inspiration you can check one of these travel bucket lists.

3.     You will get to spend time with yourself
spend time - for the first timer

     For some people it is a very strange idea to spend time with themselves. In actual it can prove to be healthy and rejuvenating. You may not know it yourself but you are pretty awesome. You can not discover yourself unless you spend some time alone. You can go to any restaurant you like, sample new foods or just have a cup of coffee in a small cafe and read a book. There are books written about traveling alone. Two of my personal favorites are Wild and Eat,Pray, Love. These trips that you take alone can prove to be nothing short of a spiritual experience. Once you go back home, you will feel more confident about yourself. 

4.     You will meet new people
meet new people - for the first timer

    When you travel alone, chances are you will get to meet new interesting people. When you are traveling with a companion, you tend to focus on each other and, generally, people do not approach. If you are interested to make new friends while you travel solo, one way is to stay in youth hostels- they are super economical as well!  However, if you are exploring a new place alone it might turn out to be fun to tag along with a group. It is quite different than traveling with someone you know because you can still opt out of any activity you are not interested to pursue. Meeting new people also makes you understand that there is no ‘them’ and ‘us’. You experience human behavior like you have never before- in a positive way. 
    Meeting new people will introduce you to new cultures. You will experience so many new things that you can never experience by just reading a book or watching a video. When you go back home, you will have countless anecdotes to share with your family and friends.

5.     You will miss home
missing home - for the first timer

    You must be wondering why that is a good thing? Well, when you are used to the luxuries of life and have people around you to support you emotionally; you tend to take all that for granted. You may not need to fly halfway across the world to feel that. When you leave your familiar surroundings you take note of minute details and only then you realize that you are doing better than so many. After your travels, when you return home, you will start appreciating small and simple things in life. 

If you believe there are more reasons to travel solo, please share them in the comments below. It’s always good to hear about personal experiences of others on such matters. One of your experiences may inspire someone else to just pack a bag and hit the road.

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