4 Shortcuts To Make Your App Go Viral

If you are a smartphone user, you surely know that there are billions of apps out there, and more hundreds coming out every week. So, in this overcrowded app market, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make sure your app is a must have for everybody. Here are a few tips to make your app go viral.

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.     Utility
The most vital point of any app is its utility. Before launching your app ask yourself how useful is your app to the general mass. Like, an app like Candy Crush Saga is one that users use from time to time, but an app like Whatsapp is something that is used by millions every single day. If your app is something that is new in the market and has the ability to hold demand, it would not take you much time to make your app go viral, but if your app is one like Pokemon go, which is new but also, not very useful, chances are the usage of your app will go down in time.

.     Be Basic
Your app has to be 100% user-friendly, meaning it has to as easily accessible to a tech savvy person as it is to a layman. The best way to understand the demands and requirements of your users is to put your app through a test process before its launch. Get hold of people of different ages and backgrounds, and ask them to use your app and give an honest review stating the pros and cons. Make Modifications in your app accordingly, and surely when you launch, your app would gain more acceptance.

.     Socialize your app
Choose your social platforms where you want to market your app. Build a good content marketing strategy, promoting your USP’s and offer ‘something free’ on the first 100 or 500 downloads. Since almost every app is free, when potential buyers see that they can get a little more free stuff, with just an internet connection and a little space in their smartphone, they would instantly feel motivated to download it.

.     Rely on word of mouth with a little hint of marketing
If you have low marketing budget, hire some social media interns. Give them the task to increase your app downloads and ratings. If your viewers see that other people have already downloaded the app and have provided a good rating, they feel downloading the app might be worth their time. Also, while you develop your app, offer your users the chance to rate and review it. If they find your app useful, they will tend to give a review stating what they liked and what they did not. This would also give you the chance to upload a better modified version.
In this age of fast pacing technology, if your app is technologically advanced, then that is your biggest USP. Consumers what something that can make their day to day life a bit more easier, and at the same time more social. The more social your app is the more free publicity it will get. Famous apps like Facebook, Snapdeal, Skype, Snapchat have billions of downloads without wasting much on advertising. And what is the key to their success? Each of this in some way has made everyday better.

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