Top ten reasons why education is extremely important

An educated society is civilized society where there is love, compassion and progress for all. It brings better opportunities and improves the quality and standard of life. Log on to to know the ten reasons why education is essential are as follows:


1] For a happy and stable life- Education offers you a happy and stable life. Education helps in securing a better job, better financial conditions, and better reputation. Education is a must in order to avail the worldly pleasures.

2] Money- An educated person can definitely get himself a better job thus better earning. It can be safely concluded that money is essential for survival and fulfillment of desires.

3] Equality- To make this world a fair and just place education is a must ingredient. Education brings equality amongst people from different classes, different gender, and different social background. It also plays vital role in women empowerment.

4] Make you self dependent- Education makes you wiser to take your decisions. Not only has this it ensured financial independence. Education helps you to get job or start your own venture.

5] Helps to realize your dreams- Whatever is your dream name, fame or money it can be achieved with the help of education. However many career options like sports, theatre, film or artist do not depend on education completely but education only enhances their whole persona.

6] Makes the world a safer and more peaceful place-An educated person can differentiate between the wrong and right and thereby act accordingly. The person is aware of his actions and their legal consequences so it will refrain him/her from doing illegal acts. It has also been witnessed that poverty stricken society are more vulnerable to get involved in acts of crime. An education person understands the value of peace and harmony in the society, thereby contributes towards it.

7] Increases confidence- Education enhances your knowledge and thereby your views and opinions are heard. An uneducated person finds himself unaware and thus lacks confidence to express his views and opinion. Even if he does so the chances that he is heard is comparatively less. Education adds a flavor of confidence to your personality.

8] Social norms –The society to which we belong has it’s own set of norms for judging people. Education; which gets you better job and money also contribute to your social standard. An educated person commands more respect in the society. Moreover an educated person can contribute in bringing changes in the society thereby making it a better place to live.

9] Economic growth rate- Countries like USA, Australia, Japan have high rate of literacy and thus these countries also have high per capita income. These are countries where standard of living is high and the people are prosperous.

10] Saves you from exploitation- Education help us to realize our rights and save us from being exploited or cheated. We can read the documents or contract before signing and thus we cannot be cheated.

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