Top 10 tips to follow to write a good college application essay

It is the usual norm in nearly all universities and colleges for determination of admission or rejection of students and that is
·       The GPA of the student seeking admission. GPA is the Grade Point Average of the student.
·       SAT and ACT are the main standard test scores which the student needs to appear for.
·       The admission, entrance or the college application essays.

Of the above three stages of the admission criteria, the application essay writing is a platform which will convey your skills and help you set you apart from the students. Here are some tips that can help you excel in your college application essays and for any other help check out Essayshark:
1.     Know what the admission board is looking for in a student:
Eventually what the admission board officials are looking for in a student boils down to the following three basic things:
·       The student has the potential to succeed once admitted in the institution.
·       Instrumental in increasing the all over educational experience of their fellow students
·       Contributing to the honor and stature of the institution once they graduate.
Ensure that your admission essay conveys that you can meet up to their criteria and are the best choice to stand up to them.
2.     Ascertain the goals of your essay:
Know what are the goals of your essay are, as in what are the aspects of your personality that you want to share in your essay which will make it easier for you to confirm the admission. Your essay can show off your responsible and ambitious side along with your studious personality. You might also want your pre-college coursework to reflect in your essay.

3.     Create a separate and impressive entity from your co-applicants:
Tap on your strengths and put them on paper. Know what makes you different from your co-applicants which can be catchy enough to pull the interest of the authorities. This could be anything like the number and variety of languages you speak, your excellence at a particular sport or art field.

4.     Content which contributes to the institute or university:
Put forth your attributes which you are sure will be advantageous for the educational experience of the university and its students as we know that it is one of the criteria that the board officials are looking for, i.e. utility if the student in heightening the educational experience of the other students as well as the university.

5.     Understanding the essay prompt:
Unlike your college exams, the admission essays are not so daunting and hence do not perform in haste. Read and re-read the essay prompt and then start with an essay which not only shows off your skills as a creative writer but also bespeaks your capabilities of reading and following the instructions to the ‘T’.

6.     Specify the details:
Specification is the key to an excellent and noteworthy essay. Higher the specifications higher are the chances of impressing the authorities with your essay content which should covey your dedication in the best manner possible. But make sure to not too sound too arrogant.

7.     Display an appropriate choice of words:
The choice of words that you make has the ability of changing the whole meaning of your essay. Your choice of language or words should be up to the mark of your level of college.

8.     Display a writing style that matches your college level:
You want to convey that you are ready for your brand new endeavor with the admission at the university and this should be displayed with the use of complex sentences instead of simple or compound sentences. Also make sure to include figures of speech as this can make the essay more impressionable.

9.     Proofreading:
This is a must for any type of an essay. Proofread your essay before submission and if possible have it done by someone else other than you.

10.  Respect the deadline of submission:

When a student is immersed in writing an essay for admission purposes and involved in writing and re-writing of the matter he or she may lose time perspective. Make sure to check with the university and make sure to meet it head on.

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