Five Top Best Lakes in Texas For Fishing Trip

Are You planning for the fishing trip or planning to catch a big fish in Texas lakes? Well, lakes in Texas are one of the most popular vacation in the area and attracts many tourists around the year as it offers excellent water sports like fishing, water skiing, swimming, boating, jet skiing and other adventurous opportunities. These lakes are very well known for its beautiful and exotic wildlife and wild flowers. If you are looking forward to planning your fishing trip and you love to have the adventurous fishing season, then, These Texas lakes below here are the best option for you.

1. Lake Travis

Lake Travis draws water from Colorado River and the Pedernales River and other several large creeks which form its famous coves. Filtered by layers of limestone, it's one of the clearest lakes in Texas, with beautiful aquamarine water. The lake not only serves as the primary flood control reservoir of the Highland Lakes chain but also act as the major source of drinking water for Austenite’s.

Lake Travis offers the great opportunity for every angler. Winter offers the challenge of hooking white and striped bass fish before they run up the river creeks during the spring. Spring and fall bring in many largemouth bass fishermen. While these fishes may run to deep ends, fishing for largemouth bass with chatterbait is still a fun experience. With lots of deep waters and lots of places for a fish to hide, the catfish in the lake are plenty as they run and hide in those deep points and avoid being perched.

Due to its many coves and tributaries, boaters can find a private spot on Lake Travis to ski, wakeboard or just get away from the crowds while other boaters can head to Devil's Cove on the weekends to tether their boats together and create a big floating party. The Oasis offers a more subdued atmosphere and boasts the best setting for a famous Lake Travis sunset.

2. Lake Texoma
Lake Texoma was impounded in 1944 and is situated on the Red River in Northern part of Texas and borders Oklahoma on the northwest of Denison and Sherman.

The lake contains several species of fishes such as the Blue catfish, White, and striped bass, spotted bass, Smallmouth bass, Black colored and white crappie, and Bluegill.
Stripers are used in Lake Texoma in parts with shallow water during the spring and early on falls with a number of several synthetic baits and worms.

There are several lake guides who are available around the lake who helps new anglers on the ways and methods of fishing in this Texoma Lake. Fishing Manuals are also available. 

Like the majority of Texas lakes, this lake has marinas and cabins where anglers can camp from when spring fishing season arrives.

3. Lake Fork.
Lake Fork has been extremely popular for trophy bass fish species for quite some time and anglers from all parts country usually visit the lake to perch it. Crappie fishing is also carried in this lake using live minnows and jigs. You must make sure you have the latest fishing report before planning a fishing activity here. Catfish are also popular in this lake and you can perch them using cut bait or stink baits.

The lake is situated on the Sabine River and extends through Woods, Rains and Hopkins Counties. It really is 5 miles away from Quitman and it was discovered in the year 1980.

Several guides along the lake can take through basics of how you can fish in this lake unlike other lakes which don’t have knowledgeable guides

There are Cabins for lease which are easy to find and are very affordable. You can check in with various marinas and private campgrounds for availability in advance and make the reservation because they become fully rented due to the large flock of anglers in this lake. The cabin for leasing usually come with all you need but also it can be more wilderness cabin where you must bring your own linen and kitchen items.

Lake Fork being the most popular lake in Texas has produced about 65% of the state of bass trophies and offers unforgettable fishing trips.

4. Lake Livingston
This lake is well known because of its bass fishing activity. The white bass is abundant and are above normal sizes. The catfish types found here the blue and channel catfish but this lakes habitat mostly suits large mouths and Crappie fish breeds which are not found in most lakes in Texas.

Most fishing activities on this lake can be carried during the spring’s period because there are plenty of bass fishes on the creeks on Lake. Most striped bass fishes can be tamed through trolling and jigging rod spoons in the deep ends of the lake.

For anglers who want to capture largemouth bass fishes, the creeks on the Kickapoo northward provides them with the best opportunity to fish out largemouth and catfish species during the spring and fall seasons.

LakeLivingstone is a good fishing spot as it is strategically located near Houston region and other cities which make it easily accessible for daily fishing activities.

5. Lake Ray Hubbard
LakeRay Hubbard is a great place which you can even bring your whole family. You can plan ahead and make an enjoyable fishing trip. There are numerous fish in this lake which includes Crappie, Blue Catfish, and Largemouth bass. They are all either good or very good. Whichever one you get, you won't make a wrong choice.

Blue catfish and striped bass are the only two main fish species which are incredibly in plenty in this lake. However, there is lot vegetation every year which provides a conducive environment for Largemouth bass to thrive in. However, if you need to try something different, you may go for standard fish, you can try fishing for channel catfish and crappie.

Some of the fishes in this lake are found in certain seasons only. An example is the striped bass fish which is mostly found in weathers which are not too hot. This means that you will find them active during fall, winter, and spring. The fishes in this lake are most active during the day and the best time to go fishing for them is in the early morning and late in the afternoon.

Spinner baits and deep water crank baits are used for perching on these active fish in this lake. Live minnows and jigs are used by crappie fishermen

Final Thoughts
Are you crazy about fishing? Well, if you are avid fisherman, your life wouldn't be complete without at least one trip to Texas for some incredible fishing. Hopefully this Texas fishing lakes blueprint has sparked your interest.

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