5 Great Reasons to Take Up Mountain Biking This Year

It is officially 2018, and time to kick off the new year with making some radical changes to your otherwise mediocre life. You might want to think about making the new year a time for significant change. One way to do this is to take up a serious hobby: maybe mountain biking, for example.

Sure, it will probably be a challenge at first, but think of how cool it will be to join the ranks of well-known celebrities who partake in this favorite activity. Famous people like Russell Crowe and George Clooney take their mountain bike out for a spin all the time. Who knows, maybe you will inspire others to get involved too.
Here are five reasons why you should get a mountain bike and give it a shot.

1.You Need to Get off the Couch
You might think a 
sedentary life is all the rage, but the truth is that it is a quick way to an early grave. The human body is designed to be very active. Yet, people today tend to spend more time sitting around than moving about like their ancestors.
As a result, they are dying at younger ages and having an increase in completely avoidable health problems. Getting on a mountain bike and braving the outdoors is a perfect way to bring an end to a sedentary existence and provide yourself with a few healthier years on this planet.

2.Sufficient Exercise

More than simply getting off the couch, you are likely one of millions who are part of the growing obesity epidemic. Believe it or not, exercise is a sure-fire way to get rid of that spare tire around the middle.
Without sufficient exercise, insulin resistance will not just lead to obesity, but it will produce a condition known as type-two diabetes as well. Fortunately, riding a mountain bike is the rigorous type of exercise your whole body has been screaming for to help you get back in shape.

3.Anxiety and Depression


 The one good thing about mountain biking is that it can help to eliminate problems with anxiety and depression. A lot of people suffering with these conditions need only to pop some magnesium and vitamin B3 in the morning and get outside and into nature to help break unhealthy cycles of thinking.

People who stay inside a lot or avoid activities only tend to condition themselves to continue to suffer with mental health problems. People who get out and breathe fresh air, see real sunlight and start having frequent experiences of genuinely fun activities can only benefit mentally from such experiences.
Getting on a mountain bike and challenging yourself on an off-road trail is one way to forget about problems that typically would otherwise make you feel anxious or sad.

4.Improving Your Social Life

Taking your mountain bike out with a group of people is one great way to make some friends. No one ever said you had to go out alone. In addition, people who get out with their mountain bike on a regular basis will tend to have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

Of course, when you meet new people, it helps to have something to talk about that will help others gain some sense of what type of exciting life you live, because people with exciting and fun lives are socially attracted to others who lead otherwise boring lives.
5. The Perks of Traveling

You have always wanted to travel the world. Now is your chance to get out and see the world with your own two eyes. Pack up that mountain bike, because you might be thinking it is time to take a long trip to some exotic place where you can get off the beat and path.
A mountain bike is a great mode of transportation to help you get into areas of a foreign country that is not easily accessible by car. Plus, if you bring your camera, you might be able to snap a few pictures of your trip to make your friends on Facebook jealous.

Do not forget, the memories you obtain from riding your mountain bike in a foreign land will provide you with great stories to pass along to your kids someday that will make them proud to hear of the great things you did in your younger years.


Whether you are a seasoned pro, or you are new to mountain biking, the time to get out and enjoy this popular activity is now. While other people will be sitting around missing out, you will be able to gain an experience of a lifetime out in the throes of the untamed landscape.
From traveling to exercise, you will find pleasure braving the elements as well as the rugged terrain, and you will see breathtaking sights that others will only be able to enjoy in pictures.

About The Author: Amanda Wilks is a writer, contributing author at www.mountainbikereviewed.com, and veteran MTB rider. As a cycling advocate, Amanda hopes to inspire others to take up mountain biking – a healthy and fun hobby. Visit Amanda’s Twitter for more of her writings.

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