6 Things to Think Before Picking the Right Bowling Ball

Still doubting your bowling skills, and unable to figure out what’s wrong with your game? But wait; before you blame your proficiency you must observe the condition of the ball!   
Well, you may need to say goodbye to your old bowling ball, which is the reason why those pins linger, untouched! 

For the enthusiast bowlers out there, a bowling ball is perhaps one of the momentous things that one should choose precisely. Not only having the correct ball eventually enhances your overall game but also allow you to achieve a persistent score and makes sure you don't mess like this.

If you wish to get serious regarding bowling, owning the right ball is a must. Here’s a quick guide that would lend a hand in deciding which ball suits your style. 

Determine the Requisite Ball Weight
You must have heard that the ball’s weight must be approximately 10 percent of your body’s weight, which could be even up to 16 pounds. Most of the times a heavier ball is considered by the professionals, and it won’t be a bad decision if you pick a ball weighing around 12 to 14 pounds. 

Although, one should avoid following the crowd and just randomly choose the heaviest ball. What’s the point of purchasing a ball that you can’t even lift after 3 to 4 rounds? The optimum weight of the ball should be the heaviest that you can contentedly throw. 

Another prominent way is to add two or three pounds to the regular house ball’s weight. This way you can get the right ball without many calculations. 

Find the Necessary Cover Stock
If you are a relatively new to bowling, don’t just pick the first ball you come across. The cover stock is perhaps the essential thing that requires adequate consideration. It is the outer material of the ball that decides the overall reaction of the ball when it is thrown over a lane. 

It is crucial to decide whether you are comfortable with plastic, reactive resin or urethane as these are the most common cover stock materials. Wondering which one would go precisely with your game? Well, you can try any of these balls at the bowling alley, and choose the one that offers a comforting grip. 

If you are still baffled regarding the choice of the right cover stock: it is advised to take help from the professional bowler that can guide you specifically. 

Select the Ball
Once you are done with the overall weight and cover stock of the ball, it is time you should find a reliable shop to make a purchase. Online purchasing has appeared as a brilliant way to explore greatest diversities. One can consider e-shops that offer an extensive range of bowling balls to meet the exact requirements of the enthusiastic bowlers. 

The process of selecting the ball depends on the experience of the bowler and the type of ball that meets your requirements. 

But before you finalize the ball that you would be using for your next tournament, it is mandatory to do a little research about the online service providers. Always choose the seller having a good reputation and positive reviews so that you need not face any glitch in the future. 

For the ones considering a local store; you have an advantage of experiencing different balls, and then choosing the one that you are looking for. 


Consider Custom made Drills

No doubt you could easily find pre-drilled balls, but what’s the use of spending huge bucks on a ball when you can use house balls anyways? A custom drilled ball could be a better option for enhancing the precision while you throw the ball. 

A ball that is exclusively drilled according to your hands would offer better control and eventually minimizes the risk of any injury. Apart from this, one should always consider a renowned store for drilling the holes as it requires correct measuring of your fingers and hands. 
Some stores offer free drilling with a purchase of a bowling ball. But if you are considering a third-party drilling store, make sure you don’t spend more than 30$ for this service. 

Prefer a Ball According to the Lane
For the one who prefers bowling as a hobby and seeking a ball for specific bowling alley; you must consider the ball that goes well with that particular lane. Some passionate bowlers who prefer to Build a Bowling Center at their place require same balls complements their alley. 
If you are one of those who eventually takes this game as leisure, and not considering it as a profession; you must consider purchasing decent balls that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Seek help from your service provider regarding the type of lane that you are using so that you could purchase the ball accordingly. 

Have you consulted a Professional?
It won’t be a bad decision to consult a fellow bowler having adequate knowledge of the game and the type of ball to suit your gaming. Imagine throwing huge bucks on a bowling ball, and still unable to improve your game. Sounds weird, isn’t it? You can’t just afford to own a ball that’s not even worth it. 

Considering a pro bowler to help you out in finding the right ball is perhaps the best thing. Visit nearest stores, try different balls on the alley, and then decide whether you need a plastic ball or need to spend a little on the reactive-resin that eventually gave you decent throw in the alleyway. 

Another way is to watch some tutorial videos that would give you a clear idea that what you should look for in a ball. 

Your bowling technique is undoubtedly the first thing that reflects your game, but a perfect bowling ball is necessarily crucial to perform better. These are undeniably the proven ways that augment your decision of picking the right bowling ball.

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