10 Hottest Plus Size Models You Should Follow On Instagram

When we hear the model, the first picture that comes to our mind the slim and tall girls walking down the runway. But do you know there are models who have broken the stereotype of being slim for the modeling career? These are well known as Plus-size model. Being a plus size is not an easy task. They have faced insults and bully for not being into shape and size.

But hotness doesn’t come in specific shape and size. Here is a list of some Plus-size model who is an inspiration to millions of people.

1. Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia is not just a plus-size model but she’s also a designer and a fashion blogger. The curvy girl is known for wearing hip-hugging jeans and dresses and she looks stunning in these dresses. She is one of the most inspiring women who last year won American Apparel’s plus-size model.

2. Barbie Ferreira 

Do you remember Kat Hernandez from the HBO series Euphoria?  You guessed it right, Barbie had played that role. Her career took off when she sent her modeling photos to the casting member of an American Apparel. Ever since then she modeled for major brands like Forever 21, H&M, Adidas, etc. This Plus-size model was also on the list of “30 Most Influential Teens”. Other than acting she has also tried her hands in direction.

3. Danika Brysha

She, during her teenage days, started dieting to lose her weight but when nothing happened, she began to accept her weight. And now she is a successful plus-size model. The curvy model has signed a contract with IMG Models and has worked for brands like Forever 21, Target, etc. And to our surprise, she is the Ceo and the founder of the Model Meals, a healthy meal delivery series.

4. Philomena Kwao 

A dark skin tone and heavyweight also come with a lot of insecurities and insults. But Philomena has totally dealt with the situation boldly and gracefully. She’s an accomplished Plus-size model and is a great inspiration for self-love and positive body image. She has been a part of many magazine cover and major brands. 

5. Jessica Leahy

Jessica is also a Plus-size model who belongs to Australia but currently settled in New York City. She is a bombshell who has modeled for many popular brands. She is a writer and an inspiration to many people.

6. Denise Bidot

She is a US-based Plus-size model and has worked with many fashion brands like Forever 21, Macy’s, Levi’s Jeans, etc. She was the first model to walk the runway for 2 major fashion brands at the New York Fashion Week. Denise was accused of being curvy but her curves make every dress beautiful. She has been an inspiration for many people around the world.

7. Precious Victoria Lee

Being a part of #imnotanangle campaign, Victoria has shown what she can do with her plus-size body. She is one of the best plus-size models who has taken every cover page of sports illustrated. Precious has a rocking body and her astonishing curves are breaking many barriers of this world.

8. Tabria Majors

Having an unconventional body is and making it a mark of sexiness is not a piece of cake. Tabria left her steady job for modeling and she gave the modeling world a new definition of sexiness. She has worked with many Sports Illustrated magazines and also hosted a podcast ‘The Thick’.

9. Iskra Lawrence

She became famous after being featured in the Aerie’s Unretouched campaign. Iskra is a brand ambassador for the National Eating Disorder Association and is a role model for many people. In the year 2016, she managed to get a place in the list of BBC Top 100 Most Influential Wom.

10. Tess Holliday

In 2010, Tess came into the field of a modeling career and ever since then she has rocked the runway with her walk. She has also started the positivity movement for beauty #effyourbeautystandards. Tess has also written a book named “The Not So Subtle Art of Being A Fat Girl: Loving the skin you’re in”. Through her journey and book she has influenced many people.

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