Six Fantastically Fun Activities to do With Your Little Ones

There’s not a single moment you want to stay away from your munchkin. Playing with your child like a child is a feeling that can be understood only if you’re a parent. A cute mix of cuddling, little paws touch, smiling, crying, laughing, crawling, walking, and a plethora of everyday activities. The journey from toddler to being a kid, your piece of heaven is everything but trouble.
Stress-ball or fidget spinner like trends come and go but this forever stress-relieving never fades away. These are six fun-ly fantastic activities you should do with your kids from today (after reading this).

Give them Colors, Literally

Since your child has made your life colorful anyways, it’s time to give it back to them. Yes, watercolors or crayons are best options if you wish to see your kid immerse in the spectrum of happiness. They will love it as it also increases their ability to recognize different colors and pour out their innocent creativity (which is great for their growing brains). It’s not about making them artists but to instill the skills in them while having fun. And, don’t forget to click the photographs as it would be the most candid pictures of them.
“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”
-Pablo Picasso

Do you see what you did there? As a smart and nice parent, you literally filled colors in your child’s growing years. Make this a regular activity and not a one-time do. The long-time effect of this is exceptional and remarkable (He/she could be next Picasso).

Let them swing

Name one kid in the world who doesn’t like playing in the garden. The roots of human beings love towards nature comes from the very fundamental fact that we all (almost all) grew up playing in the nearby garden or the small playable lawn in the backyard. From the fresh air they breathe to the long swing and sliders, children have utmost fun.

Running around the garden boundaries, your kid will get an exercise of every day. That’s an appropriate point, isn’t it? When they are not looking at you, you look at them and click the random shot. It is definitely going to be the best shot.

Play Puzzles

No, no, the Sudoku puzzle is a farfetched option. Try Rubik’s cube and many such brainstorming games for kids. Solving a Rubik’s Cube is not only for fun but your kids can enhance their brainpower trying and making beginning moves with the cube to get one color on every face. It is like an open-ended puzzle which can be played by them alone and needs no instruction. Every parent want their child to be better recognized as intelligent and smart in schools and society.

At first, they may not like but convince them to do it. Children are prone to love such activities and will attempt to apply mental abilities to tackle cube with confidence. Like Rubik’s cube, there are plenty of kids puzzle-games available – Play ON!

Beach & Shell

Hey you, don’t you know that your child loves the sea, beach, and shell? Of course, you do!
Time to go out of the regular playing, painting, running, crunching biscuits because your kid needs Vitamin ‘Sea’. Let them play with the water but be around them. Let them make kiddish homes with sands. Let them crawl in the sweet mix of seawater and sunshine.

Where is your camera? Click, click, click

P for Poems

Twinkle twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are….It rhymes and kids love them. In the beginning stage of learning, kids love to speak ‘cat’ ‘mat’ ‘hat’ ‘pet’ ‘sat’ and the reason why you should sing poems with them is that they are indirectly digesting reading and speaking skills.

The poems develop vocabulary and introduce literary concepts in their growing years. Poems are easy and fun to memorize – Twinkle twinkle …..:p You got it.

It’s Story Time

The fictional and funny stories we tell our children, undoubtedly, stays with them for life.
Reading together will not only sharpen your kid’s listening skills but it will also let them grow with an extra-edge of wisdom. The more you read the more wise you become. It starts from the bedtime stories, nobody told us. Make it a daily routine and see the miracle it does to your little one’s brilliant brain.

They will sleep in peace (One of the most important things of today). Don’t let them sleep holding digital device in hands. Be aware! While they’re sleeping like God’s own angel, click a selfie as they’re dreaming their bright future and you will get a little dark but most natural picture.
You have a lot of pictures in your phone now. Scroll down the pictures in your phone gallery. Want to know how it feels to see all moments together?

Whenever you wish to see them again, don’t just rewind it in your brains – create and order baby photo books online with Picsy smartphone app. Relive all the special moments turning lifelike. Create a lovely and delightful photo book as cute and sweet as your child.

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