3 Must-Have Golf Training Aids to Improve Your Swing

Golf is a game of dedication. You have to be committed to consistently analyzing your swing and correcting your errors to lower your score. Regular practice is enough, but using training aids can greatly refine your swing. Training tools allow you to analyze your posture, grip, and swing control. This makes it easier for you to pinpoint your mistakes and adjust accordingly, helping you improve your game.

But with the many golf tools and gadgets in the market, it’s hard to find one that won’t just gather dust in storage. These three basic but crucial training aids are must-haves in your arsenal and will definitely refine your swing.

  1. Full Swing Trainer

A full swing trainer develops tempo and muscle memory. Hitting a swing trainer repeatedly in rhythmic motion helps your body feel and memorize what a good tempo, angle, and force should be.
This training aid also corrects your grip. The shaft offers some degree of flexibility, encouraging a smooth wrist release as you swing. You don’t need a ball for a swing trainer, so you mostly use it to warm up.
One of the best golf swing trainers to date is the Swing Caddy PRO. It’s specifically designed for power hits, reflecting maximum accuracy even for longer ball flights and higher swing speeds. Instead of a golf head, the Swing Caddy PRO has a cylinder-shaped Control Scale. This device has calibrations that let you set the trainer to anticipate your swing speed.
This training aid features the Sinker Spring Loaded Magnet technology. This tech has a dual-click system that lets you know whether you made impact too early or too late based on your target yardage.
Of course, you need a training ball. to practice your swing.

  1. Training Ball

Golf training balls are mostly for safety purposes. They’re made from plastic, making them safe to use when you’re practicing at home. The best training balls fly true when hit minus the weight of a real golf ball. This means the flight of the practice ball accurately reflects the angle and force of your swing at impact without breaking any of your belongings.
The best training ball in the market right now is the SKLZ Impact golf ball. The bright yellow and contrasting black color makes it visible even in flight. The ball features a “pop-back” technology, preserving its spherical shape and ensuring long-term use. The SKLZ Impact golf ball also reacts like a real golf ball. It’s safe to hit around the house and doesn’t travel far, allowing you to practice full swings even indoors.

Golf isn’t only about the hard hits; the small ones matter as well, especially on the green. Putting aids help you strike a balance between strength and control, two factors you need to develop the perfect putt.

  1. Putting Alignment Mirror

A putting alignment mirror gives golfers of any skill level a better view and understanding of their putts. The one from Eyeline Golf is a 12-by-6-inch mirrored surface with sightlines, helping you line up a perfect shot on the green.
Level your putter face with the horizontal line on the mirror to nail the angle of your swing. The vertical lines help you aim for a clean and straight shot. This mirror develops body alignment in muscle memory.
These training aids won’t be of much help if you’re not fully ready for golf season. Partner these tools with practice drills, as well as the proper body and mind conditioning. With dedication, effort, and enough preparation, you’ll be on your way to getting that perfect swing.

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