Top POS System Options for 2019

It's a great time to be in the market for a new POS solution. After a decade of steady innovation that started with the debut of the original Clover POS station and its flexible, app-driven operating system, the second wave of Clover designs has rolled out, and what was a flexible modular system has evolved into a family of POS devices, each suited to its own purpose. Clover isn't the only name in the game, either. Its approach to certain business niches and their needs inspired a wave of competitors, each with its own ideas about the best options for the businesses they serve. As a result, you can now find specialized POS solutions for mobile businesses, food trucks, pizzerias, retail operations, and more. Of course, fans of the Clover platform are never surprised when they dominate a list of top choices, and there are good reasons why.

Clover 2.0
The second wave design for the classic Clover station takes care of a few customer critiques that plagued the original. While it was groundbreaking in its time and dominant for a decade, there were a few things that needed to be updated in the new design.
     Chip card readers are now standard, you don't need to buy an add-on
     Apps that support previously-neglected aspects of full service restaurants have been added to the base unit
     More apps onboard at the beginning without shopping for additions
     More flexibility with new screens and other add-ons designed to take the Clover experience further.
If you are looking for a full-service experience complete with a cash drawer, printer, and so forth, the Clover 2.0 and its family of peripherals represents the most feature-rich and flexible option out there, just like its older sibling did.
Clover Flex
Not every business can benefit from a large and feature-rich installation that's designed to be a permanent part of your location. Mostly, the reason for that is the business isn't permanently in one location, and the people at Clover get that. This time out, they released a special unit called the Clover Flex, and it comes with the familiar experience you expect if you've worked with the OS on Clover devices before. It's also built to work from the road, giving you a strong mobile solution that can take all your payment formats while integrating with other Clover devices to make it easier to collate your success across locations if necessary. It also stands on its own as a total solution for food trucks and other businesses built on a mobile model.
The New Booker POS
Last but definitely not least is the Booker system. At first glance, it looks like a whole new animal, but in reality, it's another option from your friends who designed the Clover station. This system is built for salons and other appointment-based services, and it's full of apps that make it easier to take care of customers, schedule labor, and keep track of inventory. While you can set up a flexible Clover POS for any business type, buying the variant that is built for appointment-setting and scheduling means having the options you need configured out of the box, so you can get right to work putting in your company's information and organizing your workplace. Check it out today to learn more about the newest addition to the Clover family.

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