Top 10 Celebrities Without Makeup Looks

We often love celebrities for their characters in movies and the way they act. Moreover, we sometimes fall for their faces and fell in love with them. But most of the time, their real faces are covered with many layers of makeup. Some of them look great without makeup but some have pigmentations and dark spots which makes their face dull. Many female celebrities are the natural beauty and many of them are just full of surgeries. These celebrities show their makeup-free face once a while. But we have prepared a list of Hollywood celebrities without makeup. So, here is the complete list of Hollywood celebrities without makeup.

1. Jessica Alba:

This picture of Jessica is there on her Instagram. Her sweaty face reveals that the picture is taken just after her workout session. Though her face is full of sweat but still she looks stunning. The diva got flawless skin that glows even without makeup. Before seeing this picture, we wouldn’t have believed that someone can look so gorgeous even with a sweaty face. Maybe, her secret of flawless skin is a tough workout.

2. Kristen Stewart:

We sure you all know the diva quite well. Kristen Stewart is a natural beauty, her skin is so radiant that she actually looks like a vampire. She has an even skin tone and she’s often seen flaunting her makeup-free face in public places. Kristen has a skin that doesn’t require makeup to look great. We’ve always loved Kristen because of the way she looks. She looks perfect without makeup and this picture is just proof.

3. Halle Berry:

Halle Berry looks stunning with makeup. But when it comes to without makeup look then she fails miserably. The above picture is enough to prove the statement.  We can see, visible pigmentations, dark patches, and discolorations on her face. Though her face is not perfect still she has the guts to go bare face in public. She knows her flaws and is very comfortable in her skin. 

4. Eva Longoria:

source: Instagram
Eva looks beautiful but the pigmentation and freckles are making her skin dull and full of flaws. But still, she looks quite beautiful because of her face cut and medium skin tone.

5. Katie Holmes:

Katie Holmes is another natural beauty who doesn’t need makeup to look good. As you can see in the picture, her skin is flawless and doesn’t have any spot or pigmentation. Her even skin tone is a great canvas to apply makeup. In fact, she doesn’t need concealer because she doesn’t have dark circles or dark patches. The diva looks more pretty without makeup than with makeup.

6. Ariana Grande:

Everyone knows this pop sensation, she is the heartthrob of millions of peoples. She looks like a doll and her face looks flawless without makeup also. Ariana grande without makeup look is a treat for all her fans. She has clear skin and has stunning features. Ariana has a beautiful face just like her voice. She doesn’t need any artificial products to make her look good. The diva knows how stunning she looks without makeup and that why she is seen without makeup most of the time.

7. Mila Kunis:

Look at this picture of Mila Kunis and it seems like a picture of two different persons. It is quite impossible to recognize Mila without makeup. Without makeup Mila looks a drug addict, those dark circles make her scary. Her face looks quite old and has pigments. But with makeup, her skin is spotless and looks flawless.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow:

We all loved her as Miss Potts in the MCU series. She is a great actress and has marvelous acting skills. However, her face is not as flawless as her acting skills. Gwyneth has freckles, some age spots and visible pigmentation on her face. It makes her face old and dull. Moreover, the texture of her skin is not that great which adds to her falls. But, still, she is not less than a diva.

9. Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett played a strong character Black Widow aka Agent Romanoff in the MCU series. We all loved her fierce character and daring attitude onscreen but offscreen we love her even more. She is a natural beauty with great features. Scarlett has shiny skin which sparkles without makeup also. Her face has some trace of freckles but still, she looks flawless. The diva knows how to rock the no-makeup look effortlessly.

10. Jennifer Love Hewitt


Jennifer is another great actress who has got tremendous acting skills as well as beautiful skin. Her skin doesn’t have any kind of spots or pigmentations. Being an actress is really tough and this can be clearly seen in her slightly puffy eyes. In spite of this she looks perfect. Oh! How can someone look so gorgeous without makeup?
These were some celebrities without makeup look of female Hollywood celebrities. I loved the Ariana grande without makeup look the most among all the celebrities. Tell us which celebrity looks best without makeup. Who do you think aced the no make up look?

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