Top 6 First Fruits For Baby

A mother waits for nine long months to have her baby in her arms. Though you have eaten a lot of healthy food to make your child healthy; but from their birth, the real tension begins. You have to provide them food that is essential for their growth and health. You have to fill their tummy with your milk until the sixth month. 

After that, you have to add fruits and veggies along with milk to help their bodies grow. As there is a reduction in the consumption of milk; therefore you should include fruits to compensate for the loss. Here is a complete list of First Fruits for Baby.


Bananas are not only the best First Fruits for Baby but they are beneficial for every human being. They are full of nutrients which helps to maintain fluid level in the body. These nutrients are potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 which are best for your little babies. It should be added to the diet after four months only. Bananas are easy to mash and can easily be mixed with milk. It is super healthy and also easy to feed your kid.


You might be thinking about how your little one eats this hard vegetable. But let me tell you, Avocado is not a veggie, it is basically a healthy fruit. This fruit is loaded with nutrients that contain vitamin C, folate and vitamin K. It has fat content which helps in the development of the brains of the babies. You can include Avocado in the diet after your child gets older than six months. Before feeding avocado to your child, first, boil them and mash them. Add some water so that your baby can easily eat it.


If you want your kids to be healthy and then do add an apple in their diet. Apple is a nutrient-rich fruit that can cure iron deficiency. It has nutrients like zinc, Vitamin A, B, and C. This magical fruit is consumed to get immunity and strength. To feed apples to your baby, first, boil apples and peel it. Now, mash all the boiled apples and you are ready to feed your kid. 


Mango are seasonal fruit but it has some nutrients that will help your child to stay healthy and fit. It contains fiber, potassium, copper, Vitamin C, B6 and A. These nutrients helps kids to develop motor skills and therefore should be included in their diet. It should be included between the sixth and eighth months. Mango has pulp that can be mashed easily and mixed with milk or veggies. 


This sweet fruit is loaded with nutrients like Vitamin A and C as well as antioxidants. It is a great fruit for babies to stay fit but it should be included in there after the ninth month. It can be diced into small pieces and fed to the babies.


Kiwi is a perfect First Fruits for Baby because it has the highest nutrient content inside it. It is rich in vitamins, potassium, dietary fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, and folic acid. Kiwi gives immunity to your kid from infections like cough and cold.

Along with these fruits, you can also include Dragon Fruit in their diet. It is also filled with essential nutrients and great for making your kids healthy. 

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