Keys To Unbox Instagram Secrets To Drive Traffic To Fashion Sites

If you are willing to put your time, energy, effort and money into creating unique, appealing, entertaining content for your Instagram posts to take your fashion business, site and marketing to the next higher level, you should step out from the traditional mold of marketing and think of ‘out of the box’ approaches.

There are in fact a lot of such approaches to follow such as using Instagram Ads and Instagram Stories. These will hello you to see, engage and interact with your users and at the same time allow you to view other stories from those people that follow you.

Ideally, the Stories tool on Instagram is probably one of the best tools available that you can use to create contents and ads to post that are:
  • ·      Immersive
  • ·      Interesting
  • ·      Informative
  • ·      Vertical
  • ·      Fullscreen.
This tool will also help you to blend photos, videos, and text in the best possible way. If you are not sure what kind of story to tell to the audience to gain more followers for Instagram, take a look at the different creations of a few fashion majors, and even a few other retail and eCommerce brands, just for the sake of finding good examples.
On the other hand, you can take help of the experts in Instagram marketing blending it with social media marketing. They will help you in different ways such as:
  • ·      Running ads in Instagram Stories that will help your brand to increase click-through rates successfully
  • ·      Help you to boost your brand awareness in an evermore competitive product category and also
  • ·      Help your brand educate your potential customers on the different types of products available to them to choose when they visit your site for shopping.
No matter whichever the approach you follow, just make sure that you are most creative in your approach as Instagram and creativity are synonymous.

Use a proper hashtag

It is a good practice and will lay a good foundation to create quality content to post on Instagram and generate more traffic to your fashion site to use beautiful and relevant photos with cleverly designed captions. This will grow the engagement in your audience.

However, if you want to be better off and your posts to be discovered even by those people who do not follow your brand currently, you will need to search for, select and use relevant hashtags for each of your post.

It is found consistently through research that when you add five to seven relevant hashtags to your post it greatly increases the engagement from the users. In fact, a recent study by Social Media Lab found that:
  • ·      When proper hashtags are added to a post the likes received increased by over 70% and
  • ·      The comments increased by an incredible margin of 392%!
Therefore, the best possible way to get best results from your Instagram posts is to add hashtags that are relevant to the content of the post. Make sure that you are as specific as possible. This is because if you use a generic hashtag like “#fun” it is highly likely that it will generate many different other posts for different other brands and business types using the same hashtag for their posts. This means that your content will be lost in the crowd.
Therefore, look for a narrower niche hashtag, if not unique one, that are viral among the Instagram community. This will increase your chances of appearing in the search results, gaining more clicks and a large number of traffic to your fashion site

Select a suitable influencer

You will come across a lot of influencers on Instagram who can literally take the marketing efforts of fashion businesses to the next level. If you want to use one such influencer, whether you choose a macro influencer with a large number of followers or a micro-influencer with comparatively fewer followers, you should make sure that the influence is suitable for your brand and compatible with you.

Look for these points and attributes in the influencers to make sure you choose the best one for your business:
  • ·      The influencer must be successful
  • ·      Have a proven track record
  • ·      Well known in the Instagram community, especially in the fashion circle
  • ·      Is able to create a better content, strategy and approach to make the difference
  • ·      Is knowledgeable about the growth strategies and
  • ·      Have engaged followers.
It is only when you have a good influencer backing your Instagram marketing efforts who will be able to provide you with hopeful results, find more engaged users who will be interested in knowing more about your product, what you have to share and your brand which will in turn enable you to increase the traffic to your fashion site, sales and revenue apart from helping you to build a successful personal fashion brand.

Since in this competitive fashion market branding is important, taking help of an influencer is supposed to be the best possible way to sustain and survive the competition.

Launch ads to remarket to shoppers

Another way to grab the the attention of the users and drive more sales on Instagram is to launch specific ads to remarket to shoppers who have left your store without making any purchase of the products they wanted. Remarketing these ‘abandoned cart’ shoppers will allow you to put the images of the product back in front of those would-be buyers.
  • ·      This is a productive effort that will get them to go back to your website.
  •       This will then increase the traffic to your site and at the same time will enable the users to buy the product they left in their shopping cart.
There are several good guides that will tell you exactly how you can create such ads to launch a remarketing program on Instagram. Follow those specific steps but make sure that you include adding a Facebook pixel to your site.

All these approaches will make your fashion product and brand unique. This will, in turn, help you increase the number of traffic to your site making the best use of social media.

Author Bio –
Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.

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