Top 5 Reasons to Install a Dance Studio Mirror at Home

Becoming an increasing trend, mirrors when used in interior decoration are able to completely transform environments and become indispensable items when it comes to reaching a modern vibe. With a few simple and useful strategies, your home can become much cozier.

Even if you are not a big fan of mirrors, especially the big ones, today we will bring you some explanations of how to use these shiny objects to improve the energy and decoration of your home, leaving you fascinated with all the reasons and possibilities to own one.

One of the models that brings the most versatility to your home are the dance studio mirrors for home - perfect for any room, they bring more joy, fun, and beauty to your home. So, if you want to know more about why you should have a studio mirror in your home, just read the article below.

Why Own a Studio Mirror

  • They are Timeless Objects

Mirrors can combine with the most classic styles, as well as with the most modern ones, ever created. As an example, in the case of studio mirrors, we can use them in a more Victorian way, where mirrors are one of its greatest representatives of luxury and elegance, with golden or silver frames, giving a far-fetched look to your home, but we can also go for a slick, frameless and modern look.

  • They Feel Sophisticated and Are Very Versatile

Since its use goes through seasons, it is great to bring more refinement to your home, even if your home is rented for now. This wildcard element makes the environment very charming, without having to modify anything in the local structure.

When you opt for dance studio mirrors, an unused room can become a grand ballroom, a photo studio, or even a dressing room. They come in several designs, styles, finishes, and films, and you can put down your idea of tearing down walls to get a more open space.

  • Make Your Room More Airy and Full of Light

Nobody has ever liked dark and lifeless environments, we love the feeling of harmony and refinement, and a clean environment brings that feeling, especially if you have a very large mirror, which can reflect sunlight very well. Getting more light in your place and in your day-to-day life, both natural and artificial, brings a feeling of calm and beauty and will definitely improve your mornings.

  • Increase The Height and Add Another Dimension

Did you know that a large studio mirror can even function as a window that does not exist? It gives a feeling of being lurked from the outside, like a kind of portal of light. One way to achieve this effect is to group four mirrors with beveled edges, and trust us -  it will take you almost to another world.

These large mirrors that go all the way to the floor are perfect to help you perceive the height in another way and to make spaces look bigger and taller than they really are. Since the elongated shape of the mirror attracts the vertical look and takes it around the space, it makes it taller, brighter, and lighter - are there three better words in interior decoration?

  • Balance Your Energies Well

Mirrors are great key elements of Feng Shui, which is the ancient Chinese science that seeks to strategically harmonize spaces to attract positive influences from nature. And according to this science, reflective objects repel forces considered negative from the house, so it is recommended to place a mirror on the entrance door to increase the protection of the environment.

If a small mirror is already working, imagine a mirror-like the ones in a dance studio? The effect will be even greater, in addition to completing your lobby, giving you the opportunity to take beautiful photographs.

A Small Guide Before Your Purchase and Finalize Your Choice

Remember versatility! It is the key to your successful choice because with wide choices of dimensions it becomes easier to find both the perfect fit and a perfectly mirrored wall. Also, consider the mirror frame, or even the lack thereof, although a regular frame is considered good, you should always get pieces without frames if you want to cover the wall as usual.

You always need security support, so if you don’t have it, be sure to get one. It is one of the mandatory security features, bringing you peace of mind and security. And finally, it all comes down to the three main words: effectiveness, ease, and practicality - all brands and products will have their unique method of installation, so don’t forget to also check that. 

The studio mirrors come in different sizes, ranging from 18” x 36”, up to the huge 48 ”x ​​84”, meaning you can use a floating effect or else completely glued to the wall, creating several beautiful rooms. Be patient and look for quality, it must have a crystalline reflection and resilience, as this will prolong its durability.  Thanks for reading, and until next time!

Featured image credit: Freepik

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