Top 10 Open Source Home Planning Software/Apps for Your Dream House

Designing your dream home can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but it often requires a significant investment of time and money. Thankfully, with the rise of open-source software and online tools, planning your home has become more accessible and affordable than ever before. In this blog post, we'll explore the top 10 self-home planning open-source software/apps available online, empowering you to bring your dream house to life.

Sweet Home 3D:

Sweet Home 3D is a popular open source interior design application that allows you to create 2D floor plans and 3D models of your home. It offers a vast library of furniture and objects, enabling you to visualize your ideas easily.

Planner 5D:

Planner 5D is a user-friendly online tool that helps you create stunning 2D and 3D floor plans and interior designs. It offers an extensive catalog of items, including furniture, decor, and materials, giving you the ability to plan every aspect of your home.


RoomSketcher is a powerful online tool that allows you to create professional-grade floor plans and 3D visualizations. Its intuitive interface and vast selection of furniture and fixtures make it ideal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


HomeByMe is a comprehensive online home planning software that lets you create detailed 3D floor plans and experiment with various design options. It also offers a virtual reality feature, allowing you to experience your home design in an immersive way.


SketchUp is a versatile 3D modeling software that allows you to create accurate and detailed models of your home. With its extensive library of plugins and community-created content, you can enhance your design capabilities and explore various architectural styles.


LibreCAD is an open source 2D CAD software perfect for creating technical floor plans and architectural drawings. It provides essential drafting tools and supports multiple file formats, making it compatible with other CAD software.


OpenSCAD is a script-based 3D modeling software that enables you to create precise and customizable designs. It is particularly useful for designing unique furniture or architectural elements for your home.


Blender is a powerful open source 3D modeling and animation software. While it has a steep learning curve, it offers unparalleled flexibility for creating detailed and realistic 3D models of your home.


FreeCAD is a parametric 3D modeling software suitable for both beginners and professionals. It allows you to create complex designs, including architectural models, and offers extensive documentation and community support.

OpenBuildings Designer:

OpenBuildings Designer (formerly AECOsim Building Designer) is a robust Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that assists in the architectural design, construction documentation, and visualization of your home project. It provides advanced tools for collaboration and coordination, making it ideal for large-scale projects.

With these top 10 open source home planning software/apps, you have the tools at your disposal to turn your dream house into a visual reality. From creating detailed floor plans to designing 3D models, these applications empower you to explore various design options and make informed decisions about your home. So, roll up your sleeves, unleash your creativity, and embark on an exciting journey to build the house you've always envisioned. 

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