Straight From the Shoulder: Trusted Custom Tailor Cites the Qualities of the Perfect Suit

A suit is a clothing ensemble that all men should have in their wardrobe. It is a multi-piece item that is appropriate to wear in a variety of occasions or situations. At the same time, surveys suggest that a man’s suit is a wardrobe item that truly has the power to make a strong impression.
Plus, for a lot of men, this particular item of formal clothing enhances the way they think about themselves, as well as how they approach problems or situations. Michael Slepian, the co-author of a study on the impact of cognitive processing style, likewise points out that wearing these formal clothes leads to a higher level of abstract thinking.

All men need clothing that can elevate them and a suit, particularly one that fits flawlessly, is such a clothing item.

What Makes a Perfect Suit

The perfect suit is crafted with amazing precision and attention to detail. It is designed with one specific wearer in mind. For women, a bespoke suit is equivalent to an haute couture dress — it is an item of clothing that is designed to make you feel special.
But, what are the qualities that make a suit perfect? Listed below are the hallmarks of a top quality suit:
      Rounded corners
      Handmade pick stitching
      Clean Inside stitching
      Full or no canvas
      Pattern matching
      Hand-stitched buttonholes
      High-grade buttons (no plastic buttons)
      Elevated shoulder sleeve fold that creates a nice drape for the sleeves
      Materials (100 percent wool, cashmere, and silk)
      The absence of belt loops for the trousers
      Extra fabric of the trousers

How Does the Perfect Suit Fit?

A suit may have all the expensive or high-quality components, but it is not perfect unless it fits your body flawlessly, says a trusted custom tailor.
All the pieces of the suit should hug your body the right way to accentuate the aspects of your form that you are confident in. However, at the same time, the suit should also be able to draw attention away from what you deem are your problem areas by creating a more asymmetrical or balanced appearance.
You know your suit fits you really well if:

1. You are comfortable wearing it.

Your physical comfort while wearing a suit is the ultimate consideration. It is imperative that you can move freely in it no matter what you are doing and it still looks polished.
Master haberdashers or suit-makers pay close attention to ensuring the comfort of their clients. Many of them will even request for the execution of different movements to note the best adjustments to make so clients can move freely in their bespoke suits.

2. The collar remains in its proper place.

You know the fit of your suit is great if your jacket collar remains or easily goes back on your back and shirt tips even if you move your arms in different directions. The best-fitting suit does not need to be smoothed or adjusted frequently to regain its original form.
If your jacket collar requires extra care to maintain its sleek appearance, best take it to the tailor for the necessary alterations.

3. The shoulders of the jacket only extend ever so slightly.

The little moving room makes a whole world of difference in the fit of a suit jacket. Not only does it create the illusion of broader shoulders, but it can enhance the drape of the sleeves as well.
However, there should be no puddling or multiple folding on the shoulder line. If there is, this means that the jacket is actually too big for you. Unfortunately, there’s no way to easily alter the shoulder fit issue. You will simply have to get a new jacket if the fit around the shoulders is too loose.

4. The armholes are not too big.

Big armholes may feel quite comfortable, but the perfect suit does not have them. A superbly executed bespoke suit’s armholes are not tight even if they are cut just right below the armpits.
With just the right size of armholes, when you raise your arms, you will see that the hem of the jacket does not go up to the middle of your torso, which is quite unflattering and is what happens when you the armholes of a jacket are too big.

5. The jacket vents are high and long.

High and long vents make sure to cover the bum well whether you are gifted in this area or not. Additionally, they make movements less constricted. Most men prefer double vents simply because they create a flap that is more effective in covering the bum, especially when seated.
Single vents are quite stylish, too, and also enhance the fit of the jacket but the split often creates the tendency for the side flaps of the jacket to get caught on the trousers, especially if the wearer has a curvy backside.

6.  There are no vertical pleats.

The pleats form when the fabric gets pulled too much. And when you see vertical pleating, this is often accompanied by the breaking of the lapel. If you see these morphings on the fabric when you button your jacket or your trousers, this means that the fit is all wrong.
The perfect suit jacket and trousers must look smooth and fresh even when you have all the buttons or hook and bar closed.

Invest in a High-Quality Suit

A great suit will serve you for a long time, so make sure you invest in one.
More importantly, there is no shortage of styling options with it. Anytime you need to look smart and dapper, it is the item in your wardrobe that you can definitely rely on.

About Author - AlphaSuit is the brainchild of Master Haberdasher, Sean McKee. Over a span of more than two decades, Sean has provided custom suits to some of the most successful leaders in America. With AlphaSuit, he now brings this same premium service to you, but at 60-70% less than the traditional price.

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